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This exciting game has over 50 levels and 500 paintings by Audubon. Each level is a bit harder and the credits keep increasing. It takes about an hour and a half to go through all the levels and you can get over 25,000 credits. Also, each level, the points for identifing a bird goes by 2.

Every time you login you receive a different set of birds to start the game, but the birds stay the same during your login to make it easier to learn them and earn credits.

How to PlayEdit

Watch for birds as they swoop into the scene and click on them to identify what species of birds they are. You can find and identify up to 500 birds in 50 levels with 10 birds being added each level of play. Be careful though, misidentify more than 3 birds or run out of fuel and the game is over!


You need fuel to power your vehicle. Going faster or idling your vehicle uses more fuel than cruising and should be used sparingly. The amount of fuel you have is displayed in the upper right corner of your screen. To collect more fuel, run over the red canisters that appear in the road.


The road can be rough in the untamed wilderness. And you will encounter many hazards that can damage your vehicle like rocks and tree trucks which cause you to lose fuel and should be avoided.


Rooms repeat once the cycle is over.


Game Lobby


Dark Forest


Wild Woods


Tranquil Waterfall


Deserted Desert

Rewards Edit

Currently, credits are the only prizes. Your total reward is your total point score at the end of the game.


Low Reward


High Reward

High Scores Edit

All Time scores:

1. YellowStrangeShark 253918

2. YellowStrangeShark 124226

3. BriarOtter 90212

4. PrincessDelaney 81952

5. JungleDudette 78650

6. Cindi-Lu 68224

7. YellowStrangeShark 65212

8. YellowStrangeShark 57102 9. BriarOtter 43600

10. BriarOtter 41040

11. YoungLink 40500

12. YellowStrangeShark 37394

13. Cindi-Lu 35000

14. YoungLink 32878

15. YoungLink 31778

16. Cindi-Lu 28136

17. YellowStrangeShark 27678

18. BriarOtter 27478

19. AlohaBeachGurl 27288

20. Tomorrow 27254

21. JungleDudette 26556

22. BriarOtter 26218

23. Cindi-Lu 25448

24. colorsofthewind 24744

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