Also See: Australian Walkabout Quest Part II

Quest Description Edit

Let's go walk-about and explore VFK's Australia settings!!

This is the first of a two part Australian quest, the second part will start at 3PM Pacific time today.

This will give everyone a chance to become familiar with the Australian setting before we start the big quest.

Prizes Edit

Item Color Cost Photo Location Type Notes

Timber Well X/Q

Timber well Australian Walkabout Quest Part I

Australian Walkabout Quest Part II



Accessories GammaTemplate

This is great for your front yard.

Questions Edit

  • 1) Banjo Paterson, was an Australian poet who wrote the famous and distinctly Australian song Waltzing Matilda. Paterson's song is so well loved by Australians that it is sometimes called the Unofficial National Anthem, in it Paterson uses some uniquely Australian words to describe the story of a Swagman (similar to a vagabond) whose life is ended tragically when he drowns. During the song the Swagman captures a Jumbuck and stuffs it into his tucker bag, what is a Jumbuck?
    • A Sheep
    • A Wombat
    • A Kangaroo
    • An Antelope
    • A Wild Dog
    • An Apple

  • 2) A great place in Australia is the Sydney Opera House. Let's go to the front of the Sydney Opera House, and give everyone an Australian welcome by saying, "GdayMate!"

  • 3) Often where a river branches away from the main riverbed a pool is created after the flooding waters have receded which filled the branch. During the dry spells these pools are usually the only watering places left for animals to drink. What are these Oases called?
    • Skippers
    • Tide Pools
    • Billabongs
    • Garglestops
    • Oases

Answers Edit

  • 1) A Sheep
  • 2) Walk to the Sydney Opera House and say, "GdayMate!"
  • 3) Billabong

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