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The Crossroads Edit

The VFK Crossroads to other places

The Crossroads May 23, 2008-Present



Top: Gate House (Medieval Age)

Bottom: The Garden (Colonial Age)

Left: U.S. Marshalls(Western Age)

Right: Main Street (Victorian Age)

Colonial Williamsburg Garden Edit


May 14, 2008-Present



Left: Colonial Living Room

Right: The Crossroads

Colonial Living Room Edit


April 28, 2008-Present



Right: Colonial Williamsburg Garden

Notes : Starting 20th June 2008 players could choose the title for their room, change the occupancy to either 10, 15, 20 or 25. You could also change the description of the room and either allow everyone in or just people who knew what password you set for the room. This appeared under ' Edit room info (The little i in the corner whilst in your room) '

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