A magic pin that is 5 star. 5 one star magics were combined to make it this way.

If you have two or more of the same magic pin, you can combine the magic pins together to form a stronger magic pin. Stronger magic pins last longer than usual when using it. The only magic, or enchantment pins you cant combine are the Epic quest magics. The stars at the side of the magic pins show how powerful it is. Each time you combine it, you get a star. You can get up to 5 stars for a pin. Here is an example of combining a magic pin:

I have three one star sparkle magics, and I combine them, and they turn into one three star sparkle magic. You can simply combine your magic by clicking on one, then clicking "combine" then click another magic pin (that is the same as the other) then it will combine! You can do this until you have 5 star if you have that many.

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