Cute or Boot is a popular game created by the staff of VMK, during the Cute or Boot Special Event. This game is a fashion creating game, which consists of being cute, or, by the users of both games, ugly.

The Object of the GameEdit

The Game is played by creating fashions, and seeing if the host of the game likes it, but the host calls out themes, or colors, and they dress in the theme, or the color the host chooses. If they get Cute, they're safe, but, if the host gives them a boot, they have a choice to either get booted, pay (This is banned by both VMK and VFK, due to scamming, and by VMK's addition of the rule of Paying to Play, and what not.), or watch the game.

Scamming in Cute or BootEdit

This happens often in both of the games. Usually, the game is created by a scammer, and he actually does a game, then the player who wins gets booted, as in, the player wins, and the host, or SCAMMER, trades the player, but before the host gives the prize, he exits the trade window, and boots the player. If you see this happen, you have the power to report the scammer.

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