The Epic Ages area contains several areas.

  • Faerie Age
    Epic Ages
  • Merfolk Age
  • Icetastic
  • Splashtastic
  • Open road
  • Space Age

Faerie AgeEdit

The Faerie Age contains 5 rooms:
Faerie Age
  • Flower Patch
  • Enchanted Store
  • Moonlit Lily Pond
  • Myatia Meadow
  • Enchanted Cottage

The Enchanted Store is the only store that sells faerie items.

You must have Faerie Magic active to enter. ==

Merfolk Age==

The Merfolk Age contains 5 rooms:
Merfolk Age
  • Treasure Cove
  • Ocean Window
  • Sea Store
  • Neptune's Hollow
  • Marine Pass

The Sea Store is the only place you can buy mermaid items.

You must have Merfolk Magic to enter.


Icetastic contains 5 rooms:
  • Ice Rink (must have Ice Skates to skate)
  • Icetastic Shop
  • Icetastic Entrance
  • Icetastic Lodge
  • Icetastic Cafe

The Icetastic Shop is the only place you can buy Ice Skates.

Open RoadEdit

The Open Road contains 5 areas:
Open Road
  • Perfection
  • Raceway (Not yet available)
  • Night time Seattle
  • Rolling Hills
  • Sunny Valley

You must own an automobile to drive in these areas.

Other AreasEdit


Space Age

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