Item Color Cost Photo Location Type Notes
Legend Pin - Shield Q

Sheild pin Epic Quest: Part 2 Released: Pins GammaTemplate

1000 Credits Play a Mini-Game, if you're a VIP Member, Trade or do a Quest. For more information see Credits



1. Snake

2. Go to the ship on the map and say "Welcome aboard the Firedrake"


4. Go to the cave next to Ned Kelly's hideout and shout into the opening. "Hey, dragon, are you in there?"


6.Go to medieval age (The one you are on when you press map) cans say "You are a very good dragon!"

7.That he should come to the kingdom

8.Go to the Medieval castle gate and say "to the terror of the heathen beyond the sea."

9.A dragon

10.Go to Merlin's magic square and say. "I want to be small and invisible, please."

11.Press continue to finish the quest!

Fastest Times Edit

The first 14 to finish with the fastest times:

1. Pizza 4:22

2. Guest16598 4:51

3. SunnyCowgirl 4:28

4. MaroonLightSand 4:58

5. greatmeyay 5:48

6. BlueHairedMonkey 5:24

7. CaptainBubbles 6:45

8. SilverStarKid 6:25

9. hollymw 6:04

10. better_mixmaster 6:55

11. CuteMagicalgirl 7:45

12. PrincessTinyT 7:54

13. DaBerry 7:06

14. Hungry_Garfield 7:40

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