Welcome to the VFK Legends in History Epic Quest!

This is the start of your epic quest for fairy enchantment! The first day's journey will explore some of the early history regarding fairy lore and other legends.

Your reward for completing this first stage of the Epic Quest will be 1,000 credits and your first Legend Pin, the sword in the stone!


Item Color Cost Photo Location Type Notes
Legend Pin - Sword in the Stone Q

Sword pin Epic Quest: Part 1 Released: Pins GammaTemplate

Can you pull the sword from the stone?

1000 Credits Play a Mini-Game, if you're a VIP Member, Trade or do a Quest. For more information see Credits


  • 1) Small magical creatures have been referenced in folk tales and legends for most of human history. Different cultures have their own versions of "the little people" and stories are found dating back to the beginnings of all branches of the Teutonic and Celtic peoples. Because there have been times that the different peoples did not communicate with each other, the stories are thought to predate the origin of these different groups.

The beings which are the most common across history and cultures are called:

    • Hallowed folk
    • Fairies
    • Cala people
    • Mantises
    • Philos


  • 1) Fairies
  • 2) Go to Stonehenge and say "I am fairy size"
  • 3) A Midsummer's Night Dream
  • 4) Go to Sydney Opera House and say "When does the Shakespeare play start?"
  • 5) Witches in Macbeth and Ghosts in Hamlet
  • 6) Go to The Olgas III and say "Hey, Mimis, what's for dinner?"
  • 7) Ianaloathe
  • 8) Go to the side of Sydney Opera House and say "Tell me a Dreamtime story."
  • 9) Swan River
  • 10) Go to Castle Entrance and type "Come here, nice little water sprite, I won't hurt you."
  • 11) A Naid
  • 12) Go to summer park and type "Magical fairy wings will let me fly"
  • 13) Rabbit's foot
  • 14) Go to Medieval Blacksmith and type "Fairies mill their grain at night. I saw them with my own eyes!"
  • 15) Avalon
  • 16) Go to round table and type "Fairy world!"

] and thats it


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