Item Color Cost Photo Location Type Notes
1000 Credits Play a Mini-Game, if you're a VIP Member, Trade or do a Quest. For more information see Credits

Dragon Pin Q

Dragon Pin Legends in History Epic Journey Day 3 (2008) Released: Pins GammaTemplate Rawr!!

Questions Edit



1. Merlin Ambrosious

2. Say "Abracadabra!" at the second room of Audubon's Wildlife Adventure Game.

3. Ambrosius Aurelianus

4. Go to the Waterfall Room in the Australian Setting and say "Stop that fighting, you dragons!"

5. The power to see the future and to make miracles

6. Say "I am watching the treasures of Britain." at the Sydney Opera House.

7. A giant.

8. Say "Great King, how can I be of service?" at Merlins Magic Square.

9. Obi Wan Kenobe (Star Wars) and Spock (Star Trek)

10. Go to stonehedge and say "Can you please direct me to the sword in the stone?"

11. Press 'Continue' to finish the quest.

Fastest TimesEdit

The first 18 to finish with the fastest times:

1. Marc 4:27

2. BlueHairedMonkey 4:31

3. Cerberus 5:00

4. redshoe 5:04

5. greatmeyay 5:10

6. Tomorrow 5:31

7. AlexKZ 5:37

8. TrackSpookyElement 5:42

9. MyHorseAwesome 6:16

10. motoxkid 6:27

11. MaroonLightSand 6:31

12. EverJustWonder 6:39

13. lilnavygirl 6:45

14. Hope-Rock 6:52

15. yugihmonster 6:54

16. Prosperity 7:03

17. Aubern 7:10

18. SunnyCowgirl 7:16

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