Legends in History Epic Journey Day 7 Starts 7:00 AM Saturday August 9, 2008

This is the final day of your epic quest for fairy enchantment! Today's quest unearths some of the history behind one of the most interesting stories of recent times, The Cottingley Fairies!

In 1917, in Cottingley, England, an historic event occurred which shook the world of rational thought and blurred the edges between fantasy and reality. It involved two teenaged girls, a renowned and respected author, some experts in the field of photography, and some unwitting models for five sensational photographs. For nearly a century, the world has examined and debated the validity of the five photographs that were taken by the two cousins, Frances Griffith and Else Wright. So, pick up your magnifying glass, don your Sherlock Holmes hat and join the investigation into the unsolved mystery of whether or not the Cottingley Fairy photos were real or a brilliant hoax perpetrated by the two girls? You be the judge!

Your reward for completing this quest is 1,000 credits and the seventh pin in the Legends in History Collection, the Fairy Pin!

For those who missed previous days in our epic journey, you can pick up where you left off anytime during the month of August.

Perhaps most importantly, this is your final step toward achieving Fairy Enchantment!

Fairy Wings


Questions Edit


1. B

2. You know where to go


4.You know where to go

5. Ill get back when I get this one I'm stuck on it!

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