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What is FX? Edit


FX really stands for special effects, aka magic, or in VFK, enchantment. These enchantments were released on 6/28/08 in a form of a trade from VFK_Surfer to a few lucky players who tested the Sparkle and Static enchantments. A few hours later, the shop was opened, along with the first two enchantments.

How to obtain FX Edit

To obtain FX you can buy them at a shop, do quests, or trade for them.

Wearing FX Edit

To wear FX click the pink couch Inventory icon on your user bar then select the FX tab in the inventory pop up screen. In the top box is a list of all your FX. To wear one just double click it. Also note you are only allowed to wear 15 Pins and FX.

Removing FX Edit

To remove FX click the pink couch Inventory icon on your use rbar then select the FX tab in the inventory pop up screen. In the bottom box shows all the FX you are wearing to take one off just double click it.

Casting FX Edit

To cast an FX spell simply wear the FX you would like to cast. Then click yourself then double click any FX you would like to use.

Re-Charge Time Edit

Magic wait time!

After casting a spell you have to wait on average 1 mintue for it to recharge before you can use it again.

Combining Edit

Magic combine message

To combine FX to make it last longer go to you FX page in your inventory. Make sure you have 2 or more of the same FX pin. Then click one of them then hit the combine button the select the second one. If you would like to combine more contiune doing so the max amount you are allowed to combine is 5. Every time you combine a FX Pin you will notice a little gold start will be added to the right side of your pin telling you how many stars it is.

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