Quest Description Edit

Welcome to the VFK Freedom Through History Quest!

Should you complete this quest for freedom, the rewards will be the freedom to teleport yourself from one point to another using Merlin's Magma Porter, and 1,000 credits to provide you the freedom to choose new things for your inventory.

Good luck on your quest!

Prizes Edit

Item Color Cost Photo Location Type Notes
Merlin's Magma Porters X/Q

Merlingmagama tp Freedom Through Time Quest Released:


Teleporters GammaTemplate
Credits Image To Acquire Category Notes
1000 Creditszf3 Play Mini Games, get 1000 free a day if your a VIP Member, or do a Quest. Credits For more information see Credits

Questions Edit

  • 1) The earliest known documentation of freedom goes back to 2400 B.C. to a Sumerian city-state called Lagash. What king instituted the beginnings of modern freedoms by creating laws which were designed to protect the everyday citizen from the tyranny of the powerful and rich?
    • Urukagina
    • King Lear
    • King George
    • Ashoka the Great
    • Caeser

  • 2) In Roman times, the roman citizens had a few freedoms that persisted through the middle ages, however, these freedoms were mostly for nobility and not for the regular citizen. Go to Stonehenge and say, "The Age of Enlightenment will set of free"

  • 3) Unknown
    • Unknown
    • Unknown
    • Unknown
    • Unknown
    • Unknown

  • 4) Unknown

  • 5) For several centuries beginning in the middle ages, quite a few maritime states claimed sovereignty over great parts of the high seas. The concept that the oceans should be open to all countries in peaceful times and could not claim to belong to a nation was first put fourth by Grotius in 1609. This doctrine was called:
    • Coastal Water Rights
    • The Grotius Principal
    • Ocean Sovereignty Rights
    • Freedom of the High Seas
    • Maritime Laissez faire

  • 6) The oceans, harbors, waterways, seas and their navigation are important parts of freedom, let's go to the Sydney Opera House and say "I love this harbor!"

  • 7) The Freedom of the High Seas doctrine became an accepted part of international law and was widely adopted in the 19th century. Amongst these freedoms is the freedom of navigation, the freedom of fishing, the freedom to place cables and pipelines and the freedom to fly over the seas by aircraft. To indicate your support for the freedom of the high seas, go to the Australian waterfall room and say "Run free water, run free!"

  • 8) Australia has a colorful history in regards to freedom. An event called the Rum Rebellion in 1808 was the first instance of successful take over of the government in Australia's history. The Rum Rebellion was:
    • Short for Rebels Under Mutiny
    • A fight over the future of the Australian colony
    • A great flavoring for candy
    • The name they gave to a celebration held on the Gold Coast

    • ANSWER
    • ANSWER
    • ANSWER
    • ANSWER
    • ANSWER

Answers Edit

  • 1) Urakigana
  • 2) Go to Stonehenge and say "The Age of Enlightenment will set us free"
  • 3) Magana Carta
  • 4) Go to Aurthur's Table and say "RUNNYMEDE IN JUNE"
  • 5) Freedom of the high sees
  • 6) Go to Sydney opera house and say "I love this harbor!"
  • 7) Go to the Australian waterfall and say "Run free water, run free!"
  • 8) A fight over the future of the Australian colony
  • 9) He was the famous Captain Bligh of Mutiny on the Bounty Fame.
  • 10) Go to the first Outback room in Australia and shout "Fire!"
  • 11) Sweedens Freedom of press act of 1766
  • 12) Go to Merlin's Magical square and say "Sisters who are stone, return home."
  • 13) Go to the Corner of Balia Street in the Victorian Age and say "Printing Press!"
  • 14) The fourth Estate
  • 15) Go to the garden and say "Painting!"
  • 16) Norman Rockwell

Fastest Times Edit

The first 10 to finish with the fastest times:

1. Flounder 12:21

2. TipplerDude 13:45

3. computer_boy 14:24

4. BrainyBird 14:02

5. enthusiasm 14:02

6. aqamarina 14:48

7. Gizmo 15:58

8. BlueHairedMonkey 15:58

9. DizzyDeanna 18:12

10. Crazii_Summer 18:02

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