Furniture is the 2nd tab in your inventory

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Furniture is made to be placed in your guest rooms. Depending on the furniture you put in the room can determine its theme and purpose (Sitting room, Game room, Quest room, Ride room, Storage room, etc.)

Placing Furniture

To place a piece of furniture into one of your guest rooms, first click on the pink couch Inventory symbol on your toolbar to pull up the inventory screen. Under the furnishing tab, choose a piece of furniture to put in your room. After clicking on your selected furniture, its image should appear above the "Sell" and "Place" buttons on the right of the inventory screen. Click "Place" and then drag the selected piece of furniture to wherever you wish to put it in your room.

Moving and Removing your Furniture


To move or remove the furniture in your room,click on the item you want to Move or Remove. This will bring up a menu and give you the ability to "Move", "Rotate", "Store" or "Info" the item. To keep the item in the same spot but change the direction it faces, use the "Rotate" button. To move, click move and drag the item to another spot in the room. By clicking the "Store" button the item will be removed from your room and be placed back into your inventory. As for the "Info" button, it currently does nothing.

Others Players Placing, Removing, and Moving Items

This feature was mentioned in the newsletter, but has not been put into effect yet. According to the newsletter, you should be able to move, rotate, place, or remove items from your family or group room as can others do the same to yours. Once again, this feature has not been put into effect yet.

Categories of Furniture