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These items were released and retired during VFK's Gamma testing stage lasting from July 4th 2008 until present.

Legend C = Bought by Credits S = In Store Special X = Out of Curculation (At the Moment) Q = Obtained by a Quest, Event, etc. Availible through Offers, Trades, ...

Item Color Cost Photo Location Type Notes
4th of July Let Freedom Ring Pin X/Q

Freedom Ring Pin Fourth of July Independence Day Quest Released:


Pins GammaTemplate

'Let freedom Ring!' The first holiday pin! Celebrate America's independence and the 4th of July with this pin.

Legend Pin - Sword in the Stone Q

Sword pin Epic Quest: Part 1 Released: Pins GammaTemplate

Can you pull the sword from the stone?

Legend Pin - Shield Q

Sheild pin Epic Quest: Part 2 Released: Pins GammaTemplate

Dragon Pin Q

Dragon Pin Legends in History Epic Journey Day 3 (2008) Released: Pins GammaTemplate Rawr!!

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