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Legend C = Bought by Credits S = In Store Special X = Out of Curculation (At the Moment) Q = Obtained by a Quest, Event, etc. Availible through Offers, Trades, ...

Hats Cost Wearing Image To Acquire Released - Retired - Seen Male/Female Notes

Akubra Hat Q

Akubra Hat Purchase the The Man from Snowy River Australians Founder's Membership for $47 Released: Unisex You had to buy the The Man from Snow River Australians Founder's Membership for $47

Platinum Tricorn Hat X/Q

Tricornhat Tricorn You had 48 hours to buy the Beta Founder Membership for $47 or become a family member of someone who is a founder membership player Released:


Unisex Founder

VFK Founder's Item

Swagman Hat Q

Mousetyme hat N/A N/A Hats Australian Swagman Hat

Texas Ranger Cowboy Hat X/Q

Texas rangerhat wearing Texas rangerhat Western Frontier Quest (2008) Released:


Unisex GammaTemplate

Ya'll be lookin' like an outlaw wearing this hat!


The name of this hat may be a reference to the TV show Walker, Texas Ranger.

Western Cowboy Hat S/C1000

Western cowboyhat wearing Western cowboyhat Western Mercantile Specials Released: Unisex N/A

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