Alpha Testing Edit

Alpha Testing Began on April 29th, 2008. Only very basic features were available such as walking around, and using the early room builder system with the three early objects. Alpha never truely ended. But the tests are no longer available.


Beta Testing Edit

Beta testing started on May 22nd, right after VMK closed. On the first day only alpha features were available, but it was online. Beta testing ended on July 4th, with the start of gamma testing. Version I' Gamma.

Need Beta Testing Loading Screen

Gamma Testing Edit

Gamma Testing Started on July 4th, right after beta. Its coming was marked with this new loading screen. Gamma testing Gamma Loading Screen Gamma Ended on August 29th, with the start of Delta

Delta Testing Edit

Delta Loading Screen Needed

VFK Planned Timeline of Game Edit

This is a picture of the planned stages of the game: Release Chart We are currently in RC2, Delta Testing.

VFK Halloween Loading Stage Edit

Used throughout the month of October. November 2008


All the maps and the Victorian Age are decorated to look like each of the holidays


Durring halloween each Room in the Victorian Age played music
Released:25 October, 2008 Retired:15 November, 2008
The Varios Music that was played:

  • Spooky Music, Headless Horsman Running on Horse,(Corner of Balta Street, Main Street)
  • Drip Drap Drip Drap music, Organ Pushing Keys Randomly (Victorian House)
  • Spooky Music (different than Main Stree, Victorian Park)
Map of Medieval Age Halloween

Map of Medieval Age durring Halloween

Map of Medieval Age

Map of Western Age durring Halloween

Map of Victorian Age Halloween

Victorian Age Map durring Halloween

Victorian House-Halloween

Victorian House durring Halloween

Main Street Halloween

Main Street durring Halloween

Corner of Balta Street Halloween

Corner of Balta Street durring Halloween

No pic yet

Sorry this Image is not available at the moment! Maybe you can help by getting the image and posting it up! Victorian Park durring Halloween

Winter HolidayEdit

Released:4 December, 2008 Retired:N/A
Different Music That was played:

  • "Silent Night (Lyricless)", "Rockin' 'Round the Christmas Tree (Muffled)" "Horse Stomping Through Snow Sounds" (Main Street)
  • "Away in a Manger", "Horse Walking through Snow", "Bells", (Victorian Park)
  • "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlman", "Bells", "Sidewalk Shoveling Sounds", (Corner of Balta Street)
  • "Oh Christmas Tree", "Bells", "Horse Walking in Snow Sounds", "Noel (Music Box Style)", (Victorian House)
Medieval Age Map

Map of Medieval Age durring Christmas

Western Age Map

Map of Western Age durring Christmas

Victorian Age Map

Victorian Age Map durring Christmas

Summer Park

Summer Park Durring Christmas

Main Street

Main Street Durring Christmas

Corner of Balta Street

Corner of Balta Street Durring Christmas

Christmas Victorian House

Victorian House Durring Christmas


August 2008Edit

Players are now able to sit in certain chairs


Players are now able to sit!

12 new hairstyles for the boys and girls are introduced

New Pre-Gamma Public AreasEdit

Australia is introduced to the public (it still say "Soon to be a tab")
August 29, 2008
4 new English Countryside Rooms off of Stonehenge

September 2008Edit

Players are now able to trade clothing and sell clothing for half price (used to be full price)

Clothing Trade

Players are now able to trade clothing!

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