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Quest Description Edit

Blast off this Fourth of July with a celebration of freedom and independence in a quest to discover the mysteries surrounding the founding of the United States. This Friday marks the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. Whether you would have been a loyalist, or a revolutionary on the original Fourth of July, you will not want to miss this quest. It's 1776 again and the quest for freedom is on!

When you have completed your journey through the past, you will receive 1,000 credits, and your choice of the American or British flag waving on a Stainless Steel flag pole, and our first holiday pin, the 4th of July Let Freedom Ring Pin!

Prizes Edit

Item Color Cost Photo Location Type Notes

British FlagRare Item American Flag: Rare Item

4th of July Let Freedom Ring Pin X/Q

Freedom Ring Pin Fourth of July Independence Day Quest Released:


Pins GammaTemplate

'Let freedom Ring!' The first holiday pin! Celebrate America's independence and the 4th of July with this pin.

Credits Image To Acquire Category Notes
1000 Creditszf3 Play Mini Games, get 1000 free a day if your a VIP Member, or do a Quest. Credits For more information see Credits

Questions Edit

  • 1) When our founding fathers declared Independence, they sent out a declaration to all of the colonies. Which famous words does the Declaration include?
    • "Give me liberty or give me death"
    • "When in the course of human events"
    • "They that can give up essential liberty,"
    • "Liberty has never come from the government."
    • "Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves."

  • 2) Let's visit a colonial garden where the declaration might have been read, and say "When in the course of human events".

  • 3) During which years was the Revolutionary War waged?
    • 1774-1780
    • 1775-1783
    • 1776-1785
    • 1777-1781
    • 1776-1786

  • 4) Let's take a walk to the Victorian park, where you can always find some shade. Go to the Victorian Park, and Say "What a lovely tree!"

  • 5) From which country did the American colonies fight to gain their independence?
    • France
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • England
    • Sweden
    • Holland

  • 6) Lets go explore a place where the rocks are very tall, and can be found in England. Go to Stonehenge and say "What a beautiful place!"

  • 7) During the Revolutionary War the British Parliament imposed a tax on goods imported to America to defray costs incurred by the Seven Year War. What was the name of this tax?
    • The Stamp Act
    • Unknown
    • Unknown
    • Unknown
    • Unknown

  • 8) There are many shops in the Victorian main street that would have had to pay duties on the tax imposed by the Stamp Act. Take a walk to the Victorian main street and say "No taxes without representation!"

  • 9) Before the Sons of Liberty threw tea into the Boston Harbor the patriots changed their clothes into their now famous Indian costumes. In whose print shop did they change their clothes?
    • Thomas Paine
    • George Washington
    • Benjamin Franklin
    • Thomas Jefferson
    • Benjamin Edes

  • 10) Lets head over to the Victorian Street Corner, and say "This looks like a print shop!"

  • 11) Patrick Henry made a famous speech in which he said "Give me Liberty or give me death" to whom did he give this speech?
    • Virginia House of Burgesses
    • American Troops
    • The House of Commons
    • King George III
    • Faneuil Hall

  • 12) After the revolution, America was faced with another challenge. Returning to its patriotic roots, America rose to the challenge. Lets return to the garden where we started, and say "Don't tread on me!"

  • 13) In 1812 America was a trading partner with France. What country was at war with France and invaded the United States and burned the Capitol in an attempt to stop America's trade with France.
    • Unknown
    • Unknown
    • Unknown
    • Unknown
    • Unknown

  • 14) In the war of 1812 during the battle of Baltimore the United States flag waved over Ft. McHenry. This amazing flag was 30 feet high and 42 feet long, in many ways it symbolized the hopes of a new nation, America. This flag was sewn by Mary Pickersgill and her 13 year old daughter. Mary learned to make flags from her mother, Rebecca Young, who made ensigns, garrison flags and continental standards during and after the Revolutionary War. The 13 year old girl who helped her mother sew this American flag was named?
    • Hannah
    • Maryl
    • Felicity
    • Jane
    • Rebecca
    • Caroline

  • 15) During the Battle of Baltimore Francis Scott Key, an American poet and lawyer, whet on a mission of mercy to seek the release of Dr. William Beanes, who was being held by the British on their fleet in the harbor. Key obtained the release of Dr. Beanes, however, before they could return the British fleet began a serious bombardment of Ft. McHenry. As Key watched the fort he could see the American Flag waving by the light the exploding British rockets. The bombardment ended shortly before dawn and Key waited on the ship deck to see if the American flag was still flying over Ft. McHenry. As dawn broke Francis Scott Key could see the 30 foot high by 42 feet long American flag still flying. Key was so inspired that he wrote the Star Spangled Banner on the back of a letter he carried. What was the year that congress made the Star Spangled Banner our national anthem?
    • 1931
    • 1860
    • 1815
    • 1911
    • 1923

  • 16) For what famous purpose was the Liberty Bell rand in 1776?
    • To open the First Continental Congress
    • To call Philadelphia residents to hear the reading of the Declaration of Independence
    • To announce the end of the Revolutionary War
    • To welcome Washington's Troops

  • 17) Walk to the Victorian Park and say "Let Freedom Ring!"

Answers Edit

  • 1) When in the course of human events
  • 2) Go to the garden and say "When in the course of human events"
  • 3) 1775-1783
  • 4) Go to Summer Park and say "What a lovely tree!"
  • 5) England
  • 6) Go to Stonehenge and say "What a beautiful place!"
  • 7) The Stamp Act
  • 8) Go to Main Street and say "No taxes without representation!"
  • 9) Benjamin Edes
  • 10) Go to the Corner of Balia St. and say "This looks like a print shop!"
  • 11) Virginia House of Burgesses
  • 12) Go to the garden and say "Don't tread on me!"
  • 13) Great Britain
  • 14) Caroline
  • 15) 1931
  • 16) To call Philadelphia residents to hear the reading of the Declaration of Independence
  • 17) Go to Summer Park and say "Let Freedom Ring!"

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