VFK Staff have a red outlining for their chat bubbles, and a special green jacket no one else can wear.

Willa Speech

VFK Staff Members can also say words that we can't; eg. three. There are many more words they can say- VFK Staff are the only ones who have no block on their dictionary for safety and communication purposes. Panda Speech Panda Speech2 Panda Speech3 Panda Speech4 Toni Speech

Reason staff have no blocks on chat :

Butterfly Speech1

List of VFK Staff

(NOTE: Quite a few staff came from another virtual game, now retired, called VMK (Virtual Magic Kingdom))

If you would like to see some pictures of the VFK Staff, Click Here!


  • Fred
  • Sara
Male Staff Member

Male Staff Member

Male Staff

  • VFK_AccuWeatherSun (Not real staff, person from AccuWeather)
  • VFK_AccuWeatherGuy (Not real staff, person from AccuWeather)
  • VFK_Cricket
  • VFK_Digger
  • VFK_Dingo
  • VFK_Falcon
  • VFK_Fusion
  • VFK_Hurricane
  • VFK_Lion
  • VFK_Ranger
  • VFK_Stingray
  • VFK_Walker

Female Staff

  • VFK_AccuWeatherSnow (Not real staff, person from AccuWeather)
  • VFK_AccuWeatherRain (Not real staff, person from AccuWeather)
  • VFK_Aloha
  • VFK_Butterfly
  • VFK_Bondi
  • VFK_Brizzie
  • VFK_Cactus
  • VFK_Cat
  • VFK_Coral
  • VFK_Dolphin
  • VFK_Dragon
  • VFK_Duchess
  • VFK_Fox

Female Staff Member

  • VFK_Ivy
  • VFK_Legend
  • VFK_Merly
  • VFK_Owl
  • VFK_Panda
  • VFK_Smiles
  • VFK_Sunny
  • VFK_Tink
  • VFK_Vintage
  • VFK_Willa
  • VFK_Wolf
  • VFK_Zoo






  • user1
  • user2
  • user3
  • user4
  • user5
  • user6
  • user7
  • user8
  • user9
  • user10
  • user10d
  • user10h
  • user11
  • VFK_Enigma
  • VFK_Logan5
  • VFK_Mintie
  • VFK_Surfer
  • vfk_test (Note: This user is not capitalized.)
  • VFK_Tiger

Unconfirmed Staff

  • VFK_Montie
  • VFK_Sky

Retired Staff

  • VFK_Groovy
  • VFK_Toni
  • VFK_Marsupial
  • VFK_Boomerang


  • Female - Magenta
  • Male - Blue
  • Unknown - Bold Black

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