Magic Pins are pins that you can buy or earn for your player that will cause special effects to affect to the player when activated.

When first purchased/won, the pin will have 1 Star in the corner. They can be combined with other pins of the same type to raise the amount of stars on the pin until it reaches 5 stars. The higher the Star Count is, the longer the magic's effect will last before ending and having to recharge.


The main way to get Magic Pins is buying them at Merlin's Shop in Medieval Age for 10,000 Credits each. Exclusive magic pins are sometimes released around the holidays here and will retire shortly afterwards, not to be purchasable again.

Some HOST Events will reward Magic Pins as prizes. Only a few released pins were obtained this way.

Epic Quests also reward magic pins. However, they differ from other magic pins because they do not have Stars and the magic effect is permanent until the player leaves the game or switches off the magic.

Normal MagicEdit

Legend C = Bought by Credits S = In Store Special X = Out of Curculation (At the Moment) Q = Obtained by a Quest, Event, etc. Availible through Offers, Trades, ...

Item Color Cost Photo Location Type Notes
Luck of the Irish X/Q

N/A Luckirish Host Game Magic Pins Gold Coins and Shamrocks fly out of gold pot around your player.
Static C


Static Magic Merlin's Magic Pins A bolt of electricity goes through your player.
Sparkle C


Sparkle Magic Merlin's Magic Pins Sparkles surround your player.
Autumn Leaves X/Q


[[Image:]] Merlin's Magic Pins Autumn leaves fall around your player.
April Showers X/Q


Aprilshowers Merlin's Magic Pins A raining cloud appears above your player.
Snowflake X/Q


[[Image:]] Merlin's Magic Pins Snowflakes fall around your player.
Crystal Mist C


Crystal Mist Magic Merlin's Magic Pins A misty cloud surrounds your player.
Clovers X/Q

N/A Clovers Host Event(?) Magic Pins Clovers fall and gold lines appear around your player.

Special MagicEdit

These Magic Pins do not have stars and are obtained through different means from the pins listed above.

Item Color Cost Photo Location Type Notes
Fairy Enchantment Q

N/A Fairywings Epic Quest for Fairy Magic Magic Pins Your player gains fairy wings and moves at higher speed. This makes it popular when Questing, as this helps finish the quest faster by getting where you need to go faster. The rapid flapping of the wings can cause some computers to lag, however.
Merfolk Q

N/A Merfolkpin Epic Quest for Merfolk Magic Pins Only usable in Merfolk Age. Your player gains a fish tail and can swim around in the Merfolk-only Age.
Innertube Floatie N/A N/A Innertube Inland Ocean Shop / Gold Stamp Store Magic Pins This can only be used in the Pool at Splashtastic and the Pool Party Guest Room purchasable using Gold Stamps. Activating it will create an Inner Tube for your player to float around in until they step out of the water.

This comes in 8 different colors and is only purchasable by members.


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