Rumor: You can get banned for booting people

Answer: False. Though a person may be banned for a "random reason" or for something they don't remember saying, being banned for booting rarely, if ever, happens.

Rumor: You can get banned for another person's actions

Answer: True. There have been a few times where I or other people have been banned for something another person said, usially for vulgarity. An example of this was when I recently was banned for an hour when someone in my room said a curse word and I replied saying "Please stop". It is common for this to happen in the garden, especially if you reply to a rulebreaker's actions.

Rumor: Memberships last longer than what they say

Answer: True. Many have reported their memberships have lasted way longer than expected. My first membership (one year) lasted for two years before I needed to renew it, and other have reported they bought theirs very early in game history, and their have not expired yet.

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