Quests Information

Quests are quizes that also involves going to rooms and saying different lines.

Quest Policy

Quest items are unique, and will never be released again. All quests are one time events. No quest will ever be repeated.

Epic-Quests are on-going or repeat from time to time.

Epic Quests

VFK Mermaid Magic Epic Quest

Twillight Enchantment Epic Quest

Fairy Enchantment Epic Quest

Fairy Dazzle Enchantment Epic Quest (Requires Fairy Enchantment)

Epic Quest for Transportation

Space Enchantment Epic Quest

Delta Quests

The Minutemen Quest (August 31st - September 1st)

Merfolk Enchantment Quest: Day 1 (September 9th - )

The History of Television Quest (September 5th - September 6th)

The VFK Weather and Climate Quest (September 1st - September 2nd)

Gamma Quests

Let Freedom Ring Quest (July 4th - 5th 2008)

Australian Walkabout Quest: Part 1 (July 13th 2008 in the morning.)

Australian Walkabout Quest: Part 2 (July 13th - 14th 2008)

Freedom Through Time Quest (July 20th - 21st 2008)

Western Frontier Quest (July 27th - 28th 2008)

Epic Quest: Part 1 (August 3rd - August 31st 2008)

Epic Quest: Part 2 (August 4th - August 31st 2008)

Epic Quest: Part 3 (August 5th - August 31st 2008)

Epic Quest: Part 4 (August 6th - August 31st 2008)

Epic Quest: Part 5 (August 7th - August 31st 2008)

Epic Quest: Part 6 (August 8th - August 31st 2008

Epic Quest: Part 7 (August 9th - August 31st 2008)

The Legend Of King Arthur Quest (August 17th - August 17th 2008)

Beta Quests

Surf's Up Summer Fun Quest! (June 14th - June 15th, 2008)

The Father's Day Quest (June 16th, 2008)

I Scream For Ice Cream Quest (June 20th - 21st, 2008)

FAD-ulous Summer Quest (June 29th - 30th, 2008)