Welcome to The VFK Space Enchantment Epic Quest Day 5! Mars, the fourth planet from the sun, has long captured our imagination. The distinctive reddish color has been seen by observers since ancient times. In honor of their god of war, the Romans named the planet Mars. The ancient Egyptians called it "Her Descher" which means "the red one." It is also referred to by its similar nickname, "The Red Planet." Early astronomers saw what they believed to be canals crisscrossing the surface which gave rise to the belief that Mars was inhabited by intelligent beings. So why is Mars red, what are the canals, and are men really from Mars? For the fifth day of our epic quest for Space Enchantment, we will look at the beautiful and mysterious planet Mars. Your reward for completing this quest will be 1,000 credits, and the Space Enchantment Epic Quest Day 5 Pin!

1. Ryleigh Scattering

2. Go to the Central Square in the Medieval Age and say "The sky is a lovely shade of red today!"

3. Water Ice

4. Go to the Fireworks lobby and say "Mars is the red planet."

5. Asaph Hall

6. Go to Victorian Main Street and say "Everybody, have no fear, and don't panic."

7. 1971

8. Go to the Castle Entrance with the fountain, and say "Opportunity knocks!"

9. Only 38% of Earth's

10. Go to the Marshall's office in Western Age and say "Robots are climbing all over Mars!"

11. Press Continue! Done!

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