Splashtastic Edit

Splashtastic is VFK's very own waterpark. It is the only place you character can swim as a human.

Rooms Edit

Splashtastic is made of many rooms.

  • Entrance
  • Main area
  • Inland Ocean: Room 1
  • Inland Ocean: Room 2
  • Inland Ocean Shop
  • Tiki Hot Tub Dance Floor
  • Tiki Hot Tub Resteraunt
  • Tiki Hot Tub

Special Commands Edit

While by the pool, you can use the keyboard to perform special actions.

SHIFT+Click= Kneel

CTRL+Click= Dance

Special Areas Edit

Inland Ocean: Swimming area. In the second room, there is also a diving board. To use the diving board, click on the colored rectangle on the ground that matches the rectangle on the diving board you wish to jump off of.

Tiki Hot Tub: Miss Leila will give you credits and chat with you here.

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