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Quest DescriptionEdit

If you're like us you probably had a busy Father's Day yesterday. To extend the celebration of Father's Day we have a special easy quest! Grab your dad and have a great time playing. Because what better way is there to continue a great "Dad day" and to tell your dad you think he's groovy than with a life-size Lavalight complete with blue lava and 500 credits to buy Dad something he (or maybe you) will love! :)

So rock on Dad's, you're the greatest!

Prizes Edit

Item Color Cost Photo Location Type Notes
Lava Light - Color Blue X/Q

Lava Light Color Blue The Father's Day Quest (June 2008) Released:


Lamps/Lights VFK089

Animated Item
Mystical lamp full of mysterious elements of the Earth..

Credits Image To Acquire Category Notes
500 Creditszf3 Play a Mini Game, if you're a VIP Member, Trade or do a Quest. Credits For more information see Credits

Questions Edit

Answers Edit

  • 1) Sonora Dodd
  • 2) Go to Victorian House and say "Gas light"
  • 3) 1910
  • 4) Go to Gazebo and say "Let's fly a kite!"
  • 5) Month her Father was born
  • 6) Go to Victorian Shops (1st Victorian Room) and say "Have you seen my kite?"
  • 7) Nixon
  • 8) Go to King Arthur's Court (inside castle) and say "Happy Fathers Day!"
  • 9) 64.3 Million
  • 10) Go to Gazebo and say "I love you Dad :)"

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