2008 Edit

April Edit

April 29th: Alpha Started

May Edit

May 16th: Alpha Ended

May 21st: Beta Started

June Edit

No Events

July Edit

July 1st: Beta Founders Membership Started

July 3rd: Beta Founders Membership Ended

July 4th: Beta Ended

July 4th: Gamma Started

July 20th: The Man From Snowy River Australian Founder's Membership Started.

August Edit

August 3rd: Legends in History Epic Journey starts. Epic Quest released.

August 4th: Epic Quest: Part 2 released.

August 5th: Epic Quest: Part 3 released.

August 6th: Epic Quest: Part 4 released.

August 7th: Epic Quest: Part 5 released.

August 8th: Epic Quest: Part 6 released.

August 9th: Epic Quest: Part 7 released.

August 17th: The Legend of King Author Quest released.

August 18th: The Legend of King Author Quest retired.

August 24th: Legends in History Month: Tall Tales Quest released.

August 25th: Legends in History Month: Tall Tales Quest retired.

August 29th: Delta Testing Period Beings

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