• Elizabeththeliz

    Speech Meet

    March 20, 2010 by Elizabeththeliz

    I just got back from the Speech Meet.

    Got a blue ribbon, go me!

    Seriously though, six hours of traveling should NOT be that tiring.

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  • Elizabeththeliz

    Edited a bunch of pages.

    Hoping to get on the featured users list soon.

    Watch out, VFKDiary. Ima steal your spot.

    17 edits to go! ;-)

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  • Elizabeththeliz

    Wow, snow.

    February 16, 2010 by Elizabeththeliz

    Snow day, no school.

    Seven inches of snow on the ground.

    Gray sky, windy day.

    Ice on the ground.

    Your parents are leaving the house to run errands.

    Your mom leaves you a list of chores to do while there gone.

    Your parents are leaving the house, you're trying to block the cat from running out the door.

    You go to your room to start cleaning.

    You hear groaning.

    You think your your dad is lifting something heavy, and put it off as nothing important.

    More groaning.

    You look out the window, your dad is laying on the ground with his eyes squeezed shut, groaning.

    You run outside, your mom tells you to go back inside the house, dad hurt his ankle.

    Mom calls 911 for an ambulance.

    The ambulance gets there.

    You watch from the window while the paramedics unload the s…

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  • Elizabeththeliz

    Ugh. Wiki editors.

    January 10, 2010 by Elizabeththeliz

    If somebody on this wiki writes a sentence like this:

    "npcsc an give players money thatc an help them buy stuff if you dont get money from an npc which buy the way meansn on playible cherecther it means the npc doesnt like you"

    I'm going to auto assume they are a six year old that think they are doing all the cool VFK players a favor.

    Yes, I am in fact a teenager with no life. <------ FACT

    But seriously, parents need to be monitoring what their kids do on the internet.

    And if that isn't a little kid writing that, schools need to do a routine check on their grammar lessons.


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