Discuss your thoughts on whether or not the VFK Wikia should be closed down.

  • Some key points you should look into are the following:

    • Idleness

      • VFK Wikia has has not had many significant edits in quite a while. Maybe it's time to start getting more edits in?
    • Reliance

      • This site needs more reliable members who are willing to put in their time and effort to help the VFK community out.
    • Organization

      • Wikia websites are not very organization, and their styles of wikis can be quite irritating. If VFK Wikia were to continue, it should have more of an organized system of the same coding and formats for everything.
    • Spamming

      • Many people wish to hack this site because of it's idleness. It's time to take a stand and ban them from further corruption our archives of Virtual Family Kingdom history.
    • Up-to-Date Information

      • This is one of the biggest concerns. This site needs to constantly update it's information the moment things happen. This will allow detailed analysis on what once happened and what may happen.

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I believe this is correct, VFK Wikia should close down.


I think that we should keep the VFK Wikia up and running. The problem is that VFK is mainly children under 10 who really don't use wikis. If we had more dedicated staff, it would make a big difference. I myself am trying to help the Wiki as much as possible! Save the VFK Wiki! ;-)

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