V.I.P. Pass Edit


Length of Membership Price
1 Month $100.00
6 Months $49.95
100 years $0.00

Special Offers Edit

Founding Membership Edit

Membership Price Released Retired
Beta Founder $47.00 Released: Retired:

Special Beta Founder Free Gifts:

  • 20,000 Extra Credits
  • Platinum Mane and Tail Palomino Horse with Stable Room!

Limited time and never to be released in game.

  • 50,000 credits given one time when account is opened
  • Founder's Pin (Founder's memberships can be combined into 1 to 5 star memberships. A 5-star Founder's membership will be given a 5 star Founder's pin.)
  • Three free months of Family V.I.P. Pass membership.
  • One three month gift membership. (You can use it yourself of give it to a friend!)
  • Exclusive Platinum Spinning Wheel in game code
  • Exclusive Platinum Tricorn Hat in game code
  • Exclusive Founder's Pin in game code

Founding Member kit mailed (in Real) includes:

  • Founder's Pin
  • VFK Founder's Tote Bag
  • VFK Founder's Comic Book (true story and history behind VFK)
  • DVD with behind the scenes interviews with the developers and graphic artists, including the founders in the United States and Australia, and even Sara! (Limited Edition DVD for Founders only)

The Man From Snowy River Australians Founder's Membership Edit


UPDATE: We were not at liberty to discuss this until now, but we have been in negotiations with one of the sacred aboriginal tribes here in Australia, and have just completed arrangements for them to provide the boomerangs which will be sent to the new members.

The boomerangs are being created by hand by one of the aboriginal elders, as part of a project we are supporting to help aboriginal children.

There are obviously a very limited number of these authentic handcrafted aboriginal boomerangs, and when they are gone we will have to end this offer.

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