The VFK Video Network (more commonly known as VFK TV) is the name of VFK's TV system.

How to WatchEdit

If you have the TV or the LCD Super Television, you can put it into your room and watch it.

How to Post a VideoEdit

To add a video to the VFK Video Network, you must be a member OR part of a family membership. Once then, you upload the video. When it is approved by VFK Staff, it will be on the TV.

Video Creater PinEdit

Lights, Camera, Action, upload your videos to have your own channel on VFK!Edit

January 31st, 2009.Edit

Player Video Channels and Movie Producer Pins Have Arrived in VFK!
You may have already noticed the new individual player channels on VFK TV. These outstanding movie producers, Adam_rocks, LuckySunnyGuitar and Ormonddude now have their own player channels.

In addition, to recognize all the imagination and hard work that goes into creating, editing and submitting videos, players with 10 or more videos on their channels will be awarded the VFK Bronze Movie Producer pin. These exciting pins display a bronze star embellished with a classic style movie camera! We wish to extend our congratulations to LuckySunnyGuitar and Ormonddude as the first to receive the Bronze Movie Producer pin.

As you enhance your channel, new pins and features will be unlocked.

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