Quest Description Edit

Western Frontier Quest 7:00 AM Pacific time Sunday July 27th, 2008 to 10:00 PM Pacific time Monday July 28th, 2008

The western frontier was often wild and untamed. As America's westward expansion continued, there were many adventures ahead. As part of freedom month, this week’s quest will look at some of the real outlaws, heroes and everything in between that made the wild west wild!

Grab your cowboy hat and prepare for a new adventure "Western style!"

Your rewards for completing the Western Frontier Quest are a White Cowboy Hat, a pair of Western Pants and Chaps, and 1,000 credits!

Prizes Edit

Questions Edit

Answers Edit



1) St. Louis, MI 2) Go to US Marshall Room and say "Swear me in, Marshall!"3) Conestoga Wagon 4) Go to Grand Hotel and say "Howdy partner, when is the next stage coach due?" 5) The 3rd One [LOL I FORGOT WHAT IT SAID.] 6) Go outside Mercantile Shop and say "Where can I rustle up some grub!" 7) Santa Fe 8 Go inside Mercantile Shop and say "Do you think twenty pounds of brown sugar would be enough?" 9) Horace Greeley 10) Go to Victorian Street Corner and say "Benjamin Edes" 11) Manifest Destiny 12) Go to Livery Stable and say "Can you fix my handcart?" 13) The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints 14) Go inside the stable and say "May I stable my horse?" 15)The Gadsten Purchase 16) Go to the Waterfall room and say "Cool, Clear, Water. Water!" 17) QUIEN ES? QUEIEN ES? 18 Go to the Marshall Office.. AGAIN and say "Lock them up Marshall!" 19) 10 TO 12 DAYS 20) SAY "You're sworn in, Deputy!"

Fastest Times Edit

The first 17 to finish with the fastest times:

1. ExtremeScarySky 10:37

2. BlueHairedMonkey 11:01

3. Expederest 12:40

4. coolguy 12:37

5. angel_kie 14:27

6. greatmeyay 13:39

7. Merit 14:12

8. cooledcoyote 16:01

9. AstroElfBoy 16:55

10. lfblue 14:19

11. LedZep 10:52

12. MaroonLightSand 16:28

13. CynAnne 15:07

14. blackroger 18:04

15. Tomorrow 14:45

16. VictorianGirl 18:04

17. Intrigue 18:40

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